The Flexi Rep Partnership

We are delighted to work with AGS in delivering key route updates and new safety protocols to their agent partners.   

AGS Airports

AGS Airports Limited is jointly held by Ferrovial (via Faero UK Limited) and AGS Ventures Airports Limited, an entity managed by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (Europe) Limited. Derek Provan is the current CEO.

Macquarie and Ferrovial have a long and successful history of partnering with each other across a number of infrastructure projects, with partnerships in airports including Bristol Airport and Sydney Airport.

Both partners have developed extensive knowledge of aviation and have excellent contacts globally.

With more than two decades of experience developing and owning essential infrastructure around the world, Macquarie partners with governments and communities to manage assets that underpin economies including roads, airports, utilities, telecommunications and energy infrastructure. Managing investments on behalf of institutional investors, Macquarie is one of the world’s leading airport owners via its managed funds. Today, Macquarie leverages its deep operational and financial expertise to manage stakes in airports around the world (Aberdeen, Brussels, Cairns, Glasgow, Gold Coast, Hobart, Longreach, Mackay, Mount Isa, Perth, Southampton and Townsville). For more information visit

AGS Airports new health measures

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

Managing Director - Flexi Reps

“We are thrilled to be helping Marc and the team. Flexi Reps will be an important part of their sales and marketing mix. 2021 will be an interesting year for our industry and getting key messages out to travel agents is more important than ever before. With a solid briefing from Marc and the team at AGS we will be able to deliver that clear and concise messages to their travel agent partners in the regions. “

Marc Findlay

Marc Findlay

Airline and Travel Trade Marketing Manager - AGS Airports

“The Flexi Reps model works perfectly for us. They have a huge pool of talented field sales people who have established relationships with travel agents all around our airports. Utilising that talent to spread the word on what we’re up to and the variety of developments at each of our airports is great for us. We have plenty to talk about this and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Craig and the team.” 

For more information about our AGS Airports partnership please contact Craig Davidson

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Craig Davidson

Managing Director