Are you an on the road hero?​

If you’ve got two years “on the road” experience in the UK travel sector we’d love to hear from you. We know times have been difficult over recent months and we aim to keep as many of you busy as we possibly can. We can’t make any promises but we’re going to work hard to get you out and about driving awareness for some of the UK’s well known travel business’.

Become a Flexi Rep

If you can tick all of these boxes then sign up today and complete your Flexi Rep profile

I have my own car

I have over two years experience on the road in the travel industry

I have an unrivalled passion for travel

I'm available a minimum of three days a week Monday to Saturday

I have a great knowledge of travel agents in my region

I am flexible, open minded and up for a challenge


Once we have the full brief from the partners, we will share the opportunity with everyone. The brief will include the brand, the day rate, the objectives, the dates required and the length of contract. You can then let us know you want to be considered by clicking “I’m Up for This”

We will provide a short list to the project owner and then together we will select the team for the project. The shortlist will be drawn relating to sector experience and location. For example, if it’s a cruise line that need help the short list will be those with most relevant experience in that sector. If it is a sector no-one has experience with then its fine as we can train on each project. Brands may want to do a brief 15 min interview with each candidate but that really depends on them, we are trying to take the pain away by only having really good, well trained people on our books. Take time to make your Bio and Video look as professional as you can.

On each project the brand will need to be clear with the objectives they want us to achieve. For each project we are planning in a 60-90-minute training time for everyone to get briefed “Pre-Project” and each brand will have a point person for any on the road queries that may come up.

We have a third partner recruitment specialist payment company that do all our invoicing and payments. They will sort out all the contracts, and payments on our behalf. Payment dates will be confirmed on each project depending on length of it and other factors. This will be covered in the project brief. It will be hugely beneficial to you if you are set up as a limited company for us to pay for each project.

Like above right now we are not sure. We are developing an idea on rewarding people if they bring a new partner on board. When we’ve got that scoped out, we will share that with you.

We are open to ideas and thoughts. We are in talks with a large employee reward business who may need help. I guess the answer is we are open. This will need a huge amount of flexibility from you. Like with other projects we’ll post them and if you are up for it you can give it a go. Our mission is simply to try and keep you busy.

No. Only project owners will see you profile on the shortlist if you put yourself forward for a project.