Flexi Reps Partnership

Flexi Reps have partnered with Travel Local to assist in shaping their B2B offering to then work with a select number of independent travel agents. Craig is tasked with ensuring Travel Local are set up and ready to work with the travel trade and deliver great service on their niche offering.

About TravelLocal

TravelLocal started life in 2008, big tour operators were dominating the market and the local experts that planned the trips were treated as a “trade secret”. TravelLocal want to change that.

Since 2012 they have scoured the globe to find travel experts from Argentina to Zanzibar and anywhere in between, enabling travellers to plan their holidays direct with the people who know their destination best. Customers get a better, more authentic holiday experience and our local experts get a fairer deal. 

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

Managing Director - Flexi Reps

“It’s great to work with a new entrant in the B2B space. Huw and the team have a great product and superb business. We are confident that once the trade offer is shaped that agents will love it. We look forward to using Flexi Reps to get out and promote this once the proposition is in pace.”

Huw Owen

Huw Owen

Executive Director - TravelLocal

“We have been considering working with the trade for some time now. Having an expert like Craig help shape our offering before we launch will be invaluable to us. We also look forward to tapping into the flexible resource they have to get our business known in the travel agent community. We very much look forward to working with Craig on this project and we know travel agents will love our concept when they hear more.”

For more information about TravelLocal please visit www.travellocal.com

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Craig Davidson

Managing Director