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With kids going back to school now, which is great news, its likely more and more travel companies will be safely bringing people back from furlough into the office in the coming weeks. Many travel leaders will be busy making offices clean and safe with a variety of new measures and changes. This is all positive and in good time to get ready for peaks. Clearly it will be different this year, but January blues will still kick in and consumers will be ready for a holiday in 2021 more than ever before. Questions arise over where, when, what’s open, where has a corridor, where has the R rate under control, but consumers wanderlust will still be there, and we need to be peak ready.

Companies with fields sales teams still in action are also starting to get back out on the road. Looking at social media this week we have seen Ama Waterways, Titan, Premier Holidays and Palladium Hotels all getting out and about. The response from travel agents has been incredibly positive. More and more agents are asking them to pop in as their thirst for knowledge remains. The need for as much information as possible for their mutual customers has never been higher.

We conducted a poll this week and the results were pretty compelling. 93% of travel agents feel now more than ever they need to see trade partners to share plans, product news and incentives for 2021. We are not surprised at all by this result. Consumers will need travel agents now more than ever. Travel agents are valuable to consumers offering knowledge and expertise. That knowledge comes from many sources. Evening training sessions, workshops, online courses, webinars, conferences and FAM trips. Its knowledge built up over years of soaking up information. Sadly due to COVID many of the learning opportunities have paused. Now more than ever travel business’ must get back out and update their trade partners.

Lets start thinking positively and get ourselves as “Peak Ready” as we can be.

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

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