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Welcome To Flexi Reps

I’m so excited about the next chapter of my career with a fresh new approach to field sales and marketing. Over the last few months I’ve been gutted watching lots of field sales teams lose their jobs and sadly I think there will be more to come. I felt compelled to try and do something to help

We aim for Flexi Reps to be the go to place for brands looking for temporary resource to give their business a boost. We can find the best people to represent you in the field to make a noise.

Travel agents are the heart of distribution and simply can’t be forgotten because times are tough. Agents need to know whats new in your brochure, what new products you’ve launched and all about your latest incentives. While you restart your businesses and cash is tight we can offer tailored solutions in a cost effective way to get your message heard.

As highlighted in Travel Weekly article recently “You only have to refer to social media comments during the early stages of the furlough scheme from agents at the frustration regarding the lack of visibility of trade reps, who are usually their first point of contact when it comes to queries and support.”

We can offer that to your agent partners and be part of your restart strategy….and hopefully when things get back up to speed you can rebuild the teams you’ve lost.

Check out my video to find more about Flexi Reps and get in touch if your brand needs that extra boost.

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

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About Flexi Reps

Established in August 2020 by Craig and Kelly, Flexi Reps offers solutions to brands wanting flexibility with people resourcing. While it may be quiet now its important for brands to keep awareness high and in the front of travel agents minds. We can have a small and flexible army generate lots of noise about your next product launch, next marketing campaign or launch a restart incentive.

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