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As I look at my empty suitcase the excitement of sun, sea, sand and an adult only all inclusive week in the Sun brings a huge smile to my face, weather app shows mid to high 20’s all week in Kos and the insight pocket guide has just been delivered by Amazon.

Our travel agent has checked us all in and sent all our paperwork required and links for our forms, our airport parking and lounge is booked our car hire and day for a quad bike all sorted euros picked up from our Local miniple Travel Agent in town as well as stocking up on all the lotions and potions required in Boots.

When you think about all the money that gets spread around the local economy just to facilitate a last minute holiday it brings it home to me on why the decisions Grant Schapps and the government are making are really not the way forward and their decisions to make travelling abroad as difficult as possible for the general public is doing the whole economy massive damage and with 90,000 plus travel industry jobs already lost or on the line we really need to push the #savetravel #keeptravelalive #keeptravelling #test4travel messages getting out to everyone after all £60 billion to the economy is currently on hold with very little travelling being done due to only having a few destinations available without 14 day quarantine restrictions, there is definite pent up demand to travel if restrictions would just be lifted even if just to the popular winter sun destinations like the canaries.

IATA this week published some fascinating stats about how low the risk of contracting COVID-19 on a flight is it’s a 1 in 27 million chance on reported cases, this year 2020, 1.2 billion passengers have travelled on a flight with 44 cases reported of confirmed probable transmission associated with a flight.  Even if 90% of the cases were unreported, the risk still remains very low at 1 in 2.7 million and most of these 44 cases happened before mask-wearing or bio-safety measures were put in place. So with safety always being all airlines number 1 priority let’s get people travelling, I will watch your marketing campaigns and offers from the comfort of my sun-lounger by my swim up pool in Kos.

Have a great week everyone.

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

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