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The backdrop in our industry is tough right now, staying positive has never been needed more. Months of no income for many travel agents, even though working harder than before, dealing with customers over refunds, redundancies happening across all sectors of travel and sadly many high-profile failures. On LinkedIn the sight of the now dreaded green circles on people’s profile picture is all too familiar and gut wrenching. Great people out of work through no fault of their own. 

Flexi Reps purpose is to connect brands with talent. The process we have developed is being well received and I’m hopeful that we will launch our first project in the coming weeks with more to follow. 

I have spent all my career listening, learning, and adapting. Now more than ever we need to learn and adapt. Leaders in the travel industry have gone through a tough few months. No-one knew the rule book for this crisis, no-one has the answers, and no-one can predict when normal business will resume. The landscape is ever changing. Businesses that were well run before with strong balance sheets will survive and thrive again. 

One thing is certain though. Travel agents will be more important than ever. I would encourage industry leaders to play a role, even in these tough times, to do what they can for our colleagues out of work. Travel agents need to know what your plans are.  2021 is in demand and business is slowly coming in. Agents need knowledge. Put some resource back out on the road to boost travel agent morale, after months with little to be upbeat about. Let us work together to lift the spirit of BDM’s sat at home worried, let us reconnect and create positive vibes.

For us this is about making a small difference. We want industry colleagues back out on the road feeling positive. If every brand contributed in some small way with a project, a mission, a few weeks spreading positive messages we can create a more upbeat industry with a more optimistic outlook. 

I know cash is king and things are tough, but a small investment could lead to big results for being part of rebuilding confidence and positivity. We know agents want to hear from you so let’s get those boots on the ground and heels back on the high street. Our industry is special so let’s all pull together

Get in touch with Craig or Kelly and let’s get some folk out of their houses spreading the word on your restart plan.


Andy Freeth

Andy Freeth

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Established in August 2020 by Craig and Kelly, Flexi Reps offers solutions to brands wanting flexibility with people resourcing. While it may be quiet now its important for brands to keep awareness high and in the front of travel agents minds. We can have a small and flexible army generate lots of noise about your next product launch, next marketing campaign or launch a restart incentive.

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