Life is better in flip flops…


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I can’t believe we’re only 10 days into our fledgling business. It’s been a real whirlwind so far. We had a plan and we’ve been trying to stick to it, but things are taking all sorts of twists and turns and we are learning everyday.

We are busy pitching to many travel brands who are keen to explore working with us. Its going to take time to get our first project going however two weeks in our confidence is still very high and we have proposals on travel leaders desks. Travel agents need knowledge and operators need to spread the word. While 2020 is looking tougher by the day, not helped by our government, there is still demand for 2021 with TUI this week reporting their current summer 2021 position at +145%. As we all know our industry is all about people and we are doing our best to get some of those great people busy really soon.

For this to happen we really need to get people moving. Company balance sheets have been decimated, tourist board coffers are at an all-time low due to no tourism tax and our government is still more focused on getting people into restaurants than they are onto planes. Social media has been full of travel folk enjoying well earned breaks in a safe and responsible way. We need government intervention and for project fear to end. The latest last minute quarantine decision on France is not going to help things but we remain upbeat.

This week i also wanted to say thanks to Travel Weekly, TTG, Travelmole, Northern Ireland Travel News and others for sharing our stories. Spreading the word that we have out of work people looking for temporary roles is a really good thing and their coverage has massively helped us raise awareness.

At Flexi Reps we are also getting behind the TTG and ABTA campaign #savetravel and encourage you to get friends and family to support it too. MP’s will listen to their constituents, but they need to hear your voice. If you haven’t done so already, people email your MP via and ask others to do the same

Have a great weekend and lets all do our best to stay positive in these very uncertain and ever changing times

Have a great weekend and remember…… life is better in flip flops!

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

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Established in August 2020 by Craig and Kelly, Flexi Reps offers solutions to brands wanting flexibility with people resourcing. While it may be quiet now its important for brands to keep awareness high and in the front of travel agents minds. We can have a small and flexible army generate lots of noise about your next product launch, next marketing campaign or launch a restart incentive.

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