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Travel people, in the main, are “people people“. We like to talk, we like to meet people and we like to interact. We chat about wonderful destinations, beautiful hotels and resorts, we reminisce about past cruises and look back fondly on past FAM’s and conferences. We also look forward to future travel. What will we have to remember about 2020 when all that good stuff was taken away? Refunds, amends, furlough, or worse, business failure and redundancies?

Everything that we love about our jobs and careers has been stripped away and turned on its head under the most awful circumstances. A job in travel is made up of mostly bits we love and a sprinkling of bits we’re not a fan of…you know the bits you hate. Since March all of the good stuff has gone. That’s beginning to bite a bit now and dealing with constant challenges is taking its toll on even those with the thickest of skin.

At Flexi Reps we’re lucky in a way, it’s new, we’re not taking any flack and we’re forging new relationships. We have spent much of the last six weeks talking to businesses about being a partner they can trust, a partner that delivers and a business that can be trusted. We’ve spoken to people we know, people that have been colleagues, competitors, customers or someone we may have met at the many travel functions over the years…”people people”.

But what will our industry look like in twelve months from now. The job losses on what’s being called “Redundancy day”, or the 1st October is terrifying. Not just because it’s people’s livelihoods but because is signals long term change to our beloved industry. Many familiar faces will be lost and may never return.

Travel people know lots of travel people. I have met hundreds, no thousands of people over the last twenty years or so and I fear the next time I attend a conference or a dinner I’ll be surrounded by strangers. We need to collectively work hard to try and keep them.

We had a good week this week. We kicked off our first rep project and we have developed some great partnerships. Spring Hotels Group are working with us on a November blitz which is really positive news. They will stick in my mind forever for being the first to say…”come on let’s get out to the trade and get some positive vibes going”.

We know not every business will use Flexi Reps but all of us can be mindful of how tough it’s been on our friends in travel. I’d encourage you all to give someone you know in travel a call and say hello. Find a way to cheer them up or give them a virtual hug, think of something you can do to make their day and give them something to feel good about. We are “people people” and we need to look after each other. Travel will return and the “people people” will be back, but for now we can all try and make a small difference…go on give someone a virtual hug today and cheer them up!

Have a great weekend 

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

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Established in August 2020 by Craig and Kelly, Flexi Reps offers solutions to brands wanting flexibility with people resourcing. While it may be quiet now its important for brands to keep awareness high and in the front of travel agents minds. We can have a small and flexible army generate lots of noise about your next product launch, next marketing campaign or launch a restart incentive.

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