Wow…what a week!


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We launched on Monday 3rd August and we have been busy….actually very busy! Our website has exceeded visitor expectations significantly, with thousands of eyes on it. The positive feedback we’ve received on our concept has been amazing. We want to be the go to place for brands that need reps and face to face brand awareness with travel agents.

We want to leave the other clever stuff to well established brands like Finn Partners, Hills Balfour, Sandra Leach and the many more great representation brands in the UK. We are the field rep people and that is what we want to be known for.

We have been contacted by lots of suppliers keen to use the services and utilise our flexible resources to boost their restart strategies and keep their brand in agents minds. We are in talks with lots this week and next and hope to share news on our first campaign really soon. We have also been praised by many travel agents who recognise the need for training, product updates, incentive awareness and updates on what’s hot and what’s not.

Lot of fantastic, experienced and passionate reps have expressed an interest to join us. On one hand its great we have plenty of resource but equally heart-breaking to see the devastation the pandemic has had on so many hard working and lovely people. Due to the volume of available people we’re concerned we will not be able to keep everyone busy…..but we promise to try and to work every hour under the sun to get them out and about and earning!

If you’re a sales director, head of sales, MD, CEO or hold the purse strings in a brand we urge you to do what you can’t find resources to give our reps a well-deserved positive boost and get them back out doing what they love….travel agents will love to hear from you!! Investing in full time, long term contracts is tough in this climate, we know that, but you can all look down the back of the sofa for a budget to boost your brand in the agent community.

Have a great weekend

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

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About Flexi Reps

Established in August 2020 by Craig and Kelly, Flexi Reps offers solutions to brands wanting flexibility with people resourcing. While it may be quiet now its important for brands to keep awareness high and in the front of travel agents minds. We can have a small and flexible army generate lots of noise about your next product launch, next marketing campaign or launch a restart incentive.

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